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My wife recently took a business trip out of town, leaving me to fend for myself for a couple of days. As I am notoriously bad at this, it was expected to come home from work only to find I had not taken anything out of the freezer in the morning to thaw in preparation for dinner. I saw only two options before me: order some food in, or starve!

I suppose it is obvious that I am only able to write this by choosing the former option rather than the latter. What isn’t obvious, however, is my choice of sustenance for the evening. “Chinese food sounds good,” I thought, “but we just had that last week.” Disheartened by the prospect of having a repeat order, and worried about what the Chinese establishment might think of me coming back so soon, my mind raced for other options. “Thai?” Too expensive. “Burgers?” They don’t deliver, stupid! “Pizza?” Ah yes, pizza!

I rushed to my desk and in one swift movement, knocked my cat (Walter) out of the chair, sat down, and opened a web browser on my computer. Hungry for some delicious Pizza Hut pizza (I had not ordered from the Hut in several months, as my wife prefers some other brand), I logged into www.pizzahut.com and checked out the specials. My eyes poured over the many local deals as my mouth watered at the prospects. Finally, one caught my attention; the “Dinner Box”. “I’m looking for dinner, why not?” The choice was obvious.

The bounty of pizza promised with this box bordered on the absurd! One “medium rectangular” pizza, bread sticks, AND dessert sticks, all for ten dollars!? I couldn’t believe it. I figured the site had been hacked by unscrupulous computer geniuses wanting to test their skills and get cheaper pizza. Nevertheless, I added the deal to my “cart” and went to “checkout”. I was given a choice of ANY topping to go on my rectangular pizza. I chose jalapenos for a spicy complement to my pie. Next I was given the option to upgrade my bread sticks to “cheese sticks” for only a dollar more. Now, I’m typically a frugal person, but I had recently received a job offer that came with a promotion and more money, so I decided to treat myself, and upgraded. I entered my credit card information and my order was off to the races, or to the ovens, as it were!

I paced back and forth in front of the door, eagerly awaiting my pizza box to arrive. My delivery gal, Shannon arrived right on time, to the minute that the online order form predicted she would! We truly are in the 21st century, all right! I met her outside on the porch (I did not want Walter to get out).

“Good evening!” I called out, “I hear you have something for me!”

“Indeed I do. One dinner box?” She replied, while producing the receipt.

My first reaction was how small the box seemed to be for how much food is promised. The box was able to be lifted and carried with ease on my own. This came as something as a relief, as I was worried I may need help getting the box inside to my kitchen which could prove hard to find with my wife being away. I peeked open in the box to verify the contents. By Jove, Pizza Hut delivered (no pun intended!)

“Wow, this dinner box is no joke!” I exclaimed with excitement, “You really should call it the ‘Multiple Dinner Box’ because I can’t see myself finishing this in one night!”

“Look, are you going to sign this or not?” Shannon replied, obviously not as impressed with the quantity of pizza and pizza-related items as I was. I suppose it makes sense, as she no doubt delivers many of these miracles every day.

I gave a generous tip and took my dinner inside. I made sure to ration out the dinner box appropriately; I knew I would eat the whole thing if I let myself! The pizza was delicious, as expected, and the cheese sticks, which I do not usually order from Pizza Hut were a tasty side item. I saved the dessert sticks for last to polish off the meal. The extra container of icing was appreciated, but ultimately not needed.

If I was pressed to find something negative to say about my Pizza Hut experience, it would be that I had to wipe away copious amounts of grease from my hands every few bites. I didn’t mind, however. It was a small price to pay, even smaller than the price of the Dinner Box itself, if you can believe it!

A delicious, greasy bargain!


+ Excellent value! Food / dollar ratio is off the charts.


– Excessive grease; stomach aches are likely to follow.

FINAL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars