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In my line of work I see a lot of celebrations.  There are a lot of anniversaries, graduations and weddings.  With all these festivities there remains one constant, and that is heavy drinking.  With weddings there are typically gift bags that are sent up to each room with bottles of water, light snacks and the schedule of events for the wedding.  It was in one of these bags that I came across a small blue packet called Blowfish for Hangovers.

Now, I have seen forward thinking wedding couples place Advil or Tylenol in wedding gift baskets anticipating a night of heavy drinking, but this- so direct!  These two small Alka-Seltzer-like tablets were suppose to instantly relieve the mistakes of the night before.  After a few room cancelations I was able to get my hands on a packet of Blowfish.

It was easy to imagine the possibilities.  You’re on a night out drinking with friends and as everyone starts settling up there tabs at the bar you strike up a conversation with a brunette who’s been eyeing you all night.

“One more round? Don’t you have that presentation in the morning?”  Your friend, doubting Thomas says.

“Don’t you worry about that.  Got it covered,” You say smiling patting the packet of Blowfish you have in your breast pocket.  You get the girl and nail the presentation the next morning.  You become the Don Draper of your office; so cool they never see you sweat.

So one morning after a friend’s birthday and after one too many drinks at one too many bars I woke up tired, sluggish and mildly hungover.  During my morning shower washing off my shame I came to the realization that this is the perfect opportunity to test out Blowfish.  After hopping out of the shower I dried off and, plopping the two tablets in a glass, shouted, “For science!” I cheers myself in the bathroom mirror.

The tonic had a limey taste to it and went down rather easily.  Perhaps it was because of the distribution method but I felt the Ibuprofen instantly and it quickly went to work alleviating my headache.  ‘Not bad,’ I thought to myself.

Then I feel the caffeine.  Blowfish contains 60mg of caffeine, which is comparable to a shot of espresso.  Being an avid coffee drinker I thought nothing of it but for some reason I really felt every last one of those milligrams.  My hands began to shake a little more, though I had hoped for less.

Overall I would say I had a positive experience taking Blowfish but I say that with a caveat.  This hangover cure is no escape hatch.  If you have a serious hangover, like the one my coworker Andy had, the effect of the Blowfish would be of little relief.  Hangovers I have found are much like a brain freeze: they vary in intensity, can be rather painful but are completely avoidable if you simply slow down your drinking.