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It seems like Norfolk is in the midst of the War on Ice Cream. With the Colley Avenue Dairy Queen closing down, and Rita’s Italian Ice not coming back this year, options are dwindling for ice cream and treats in the similar frozen vein. Recently, I was pleased to discover that there is one new soldier standing up to serve in the war on the side of delicious ice cream.

Located across the street from the Naro Theatre on Colley Avenue, Strawberry Fields is the first place I’ve seen that I would accurately describe as a “hole in the wall”. I nearly missed it, but fortunately my wife knew where we were going, as this was her idea to come (we were going to see the Hunger Games but then decided to just get ice cream instead). The building is merely the ice cream counter at the other side of a small room with a menu hung above – no furniture at all!

We stood back and squinted at the menu for what we would select. The menu was divided into two main sections: smoothies and gelatos. For some reason, I was set on getting a smoothie, so I made my play and got one that had peanut butter in it, thinking that it was such a bizarre choice that it had to be good. My hasty decision left me plenty of time to peruse the many colorful gelato options in the case, which I was then drawn to like an eight year old to a new box of 64 crayons.

“What is that, Fruity Pebbles?” my wife asked, referring to a light colored selection with the familiar breakfast treat on top.

“Indeed it is,” the cashier behind the counter said, with a tone that might be considered pride; a pride at providing a ludicrous topping.

“That one is bright and red and I like it,” I noted about another one, “what’s that?”

“Red velvet cake. Do you guys want a sample?” the man asked. We happily agreed.

Our samples were delicious! Our mouths delighted in the breakfast and birthday themed iced cream. Suddenly I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. There was no way my peanut butter monstrosity could live up to this. What have I done?

Our smoothies were ready, so we took them outside to enjoy in the day’s pleasant weather. It’s not like we had any other options, since there were no tables to sit at inside. My smoothie was good, but not great, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was drinking a peanut butter sandwich. I felt pretty confident that the gelatos are really the main attraction at Strawberry Fields, and that is what I look forward to trying next time I go back. Norfolk may have had some causalities lately, but I think ice cream is going to be okay.

 FINAL RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars

+ Delicious looking and tasting gelato (smoothies might not be the main attraction)

– A little expensive but still not as ridiculous as Coldstone.

+ It’s not Coldstone.